Embodied Leadership Speaking



Welcome to Season 3 Everyone!

It’s been a minute… and now I’m back in full force to share more, so much more GOLD from the Leadership Speaking Toolbox.  I’ve got a powerful season in store for you and it’s going to be all about a brand new obsession of mine: Embodied Leadership Speaking

The premise of this powerful concept is that: “the more that you can connect inside of yourself, the more you can connect outside of yourself…”

This concept is about re-coupling your “head brain” with your “body brain” and thereby becoming “whole”, “authentic” and genuinely yourself again. In all of my years of training speakers across the world and of working on myself, I have discovered that this re-embodiment is what makes it possible to truly shine as a speaker.  As far as I’m concerned, THIS is the secret sauce!

Folks, I am on a mission to go super deep into this topic so that we can all learn more and benefit from the delicious experience of embodied leadership speaking.

So! Get ready and get set to fasten your seat belts and begin our journey.  This episode leads the way.   Vámonos!