STRAIGHT TALK from The Leadership Speaking School 

We are experiencing a moment in time where people on a global level are using online meetings like never before. Technology allows us to see and speak to one another in a professional context, but more often than not, participants are presenting themselves in a way that lacks a level of quality and professionalism. This can affect their overall impact and performance in meetings and give a negative impression. That is why it is so important, right now, to improve and elevate yourself as a leader and a speaker. 

I want to provide you with key tools (golden nuggets) from The Leadership Speaking School to help you up-skill and thrive in online meetings, on camera, so you show up as the best version of yourself every time you speak in front of virtual audiences. 

The setup

Your setup refers to the immediate space you will be sitting or standing in while you are speaking. It is very important to pay attention to detail, especially in an online environment because everything on camera is amplified. When the camera zooms in on you, you see the angles of your face differently, the hairs that are out of place on your head, and even the wrinkle on your shirt sleeve. So to help you figure out what your environment should look like, I suggest you tune into the main senses that your audience is usingsight and sound. Since they will be looking at everything and listening to everything, it is your job to establish what I call sensory equilibrium.This is where you have a neutral environment, without distractions or competing elements. 


First of all, lets talk about what not to do when it comes to backgrounds. Weve all seen the messy, cluttered hallway with kids toys or family members walking around. Weve probably seen an unmade bed or two, and the list goes on. When it comes to creating the best background, I want you to remember that less is so much more. Go neutral! A plain background will create that visual equilibrium for your viewers. The best is a plain white, grey, or cream-colored wall. No posters. No shelves. No stuff or clutter. You want to be at the center of that camera angle so that your online community can see you, not the poster of the movie Flashdance from 1983. This will only distract your audience so dont give them that opportunity. Create that visual equilibrium with a clean, neutral, light-colored space behind you.  


When it comes to lighting, you also want something that creates equilibrium. You dont want light that is too harsh or too dark. You dont want to be backlit where you have light coming from behind you, and you dont want to be over-lit where you have so much light on you that you see the bags under your eyes and the wrinkles on your facenot very flattering. Again, you want the light to be neutral, comfortable, and warm so it will reflect a more natural tone and illuminate you. This should be incorporated in your setup when using your phone or laptop, or whatever youre using that has a camera. Speaking of your camera, I also want you to make sure that the lens is capturing a clear image of you. Go ahead and use a spray for cleaning eyeglasses and screens, and make sure that your camera lens is polished so there arent any little grains of dust or hair getting in the way of a clean shot. 

Your body and camera placement 

When it comes to sitting versus standing, standing is better. This is because when you stand, fantastic things happen with your voice, your energy, and your presence. You open your airways wider and your blood flows through your body more efficiently, oxygenating your muscles and giving you energy and charisma. To create your setup for standing, build a table stand that supports your device. DIY-it by using books and other bits and pieces to elevate your stand. Make sure that it doesn’t wobble or tip over easily!

If you’re sitting down for your meeting, position your camera in a way that creates harmony with your space. An important tip is to show the area of yourself between your head and your waist, down to your belly button. If you include that much of yourself in the shot, you can communicate so much more through your body. If you only show your head or an image of the shoulders up, you lose a lot of information and it doesn’t look very professional. Therefore, you really want to be able to see the hands, move the arms, and have your body flow in a conversation. 


Having quality sound is key for your online meetings. Your aim should be to create auditory equilibrium by not having any other sounds distract from your voice. No background noise or clicks from your computer, or your voice breaking up due to a bad connection. High-quality sound is everything, so if you can, invest in some great wireless earbuds – the golden standard for online speaking. They have excellent sound, great microphones, and they look nice. Another plus is that you are free to move around and speak using your hands. 

Your impact: Up-skill and thrive

Remember that in order to show up as the best version of yourself, you should focus on creating visual and auditory equilibrium for your audience. Go neutral using a simple, clean, and sharp speaking environment with no distractions. When you get this right, it will truly elevate your virtual conversation. The audience will be able to better focus on you and connect with what you have to say… and at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. 


This is the first in a series of articles from The Leadership Speaking School, based on podcast episodes of Leadership Speaking Radio, delivering golden nuggets of wisdom to help you not only survive, but THRIVE in front of audiences both online and in person.